marți, 11 ianuarie 2011

Edyta Górniak doll

Edyta Górniak (born 14 November 1972 in Ziębice, Poland) is one of the most popular female singers from Poland.After studying and taking singing lessons, in 1989, aged 16, she gave her first public appearance on a Polish television talent show where she won with Sam Brown's hit song "Stop!". In 1990 she performed on the Opole Polish Song Festival with an honourable mention. During the next three years she was the star of the musical Metro ("Subway") - the most popular and longest running homegrown musical in Polish history and in two music performances Do grającej szafy grosik wrzuć ("Put a Dime in the Jukebox") -- with classic Polish pop songs from the pre-rock'n'roll era and Brel -Polish versions of songs by the Belgian French-speaking singer-songwriter Jacques Brel...Now,she's one of the most popular singers from Poland,and today she got a Stardoll version of herself!

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